Winter Program

2023/2024 Winter Program

Celta Academy PA’s Winter Program will have Training and Games locally for 2023/2024.

The Trainings: The trainings will be held once a week starting in January 2024 with our UEFA Pro, Technical Director from Spain,
David and one of our Head coaches who has trainied and played in Portugal, Gregorio.  They will be held and run for 10 weeks
at the Holy Ghost Prep Holt Center, in Bensalem on either Tuesdays or Thursdays depending upon the age.

The League: This year’s league will be held at SoFive Soccer Centers. Most games will be played on the weekends,
starting in February and ending in March.

The Cost for the Complete Program is $300*

*There are possibilities for additional training at a cost, and in the case of younger players not playing in Games the cost will be less.

Please use the links on the tryout Page to Express interest as space is limited.




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