Pre-travel Program

Pre-Travel and Technical Training Program

As Celta Academy PA exists to develop players to not only to play in college or at the Professional level, but learn the life skills that empower players to become good and valuable citzens. We start with the youngest of players in the Pre-travel Program. 

As the title states, this is a program to train children for travel soccer. This is also a technical program to improve kids in other club teams, who are not already familiar with European soccer This program looks to develop the basic technical skills required to move the children to a travel team when they have reached a level capable of our travel teams.

Depending upon the age, This Program is for children who are looking to learn how to play more technically. Be it new to soccer or some who is already in any club team locally, we will train the children to pass, recieve and control the ball at their feet. They will learn to dribble, drive, shoot and shield the ball with their bodies, and learn basic body movements as well as balance. Weekly the children will participate in in-house low pressure games. 

From time to time children will be asked to train with a travel team and possibly even participate in a travel team game to test their level of competence.

Pre-travel Sessions 2024/2025

– Late Spring Sessions will run for 6 weeks (discluding holiday weeks)
– Session Days are Mondays & Wednesday at 6pm-7pm
– Session Costs are $95
– Wear Cleats, Shin Pads, and bring a water bottle with you name on it.

  – All other Sessions will run for 8 weeks (discluding holiday weeks)
 – Session Days are twice a week
 – Session Costs are $125

Late Spring SessionClick here to RegisterMay 14th - June 29Holy Ghost Prep Fields
Early Fall SessionClick here to RegisterAug 20 - Oct 12Holy Ghost Prep Fields
Late Fall SessionClick here to RegisterOct 22 - Dec 14Holy Ghost Prep Fields
Winter SessionClick here to RegisterJan 7 - Mar 1 (once a week)Holy Ghost Prep Indoors

Pre-travel Coaches